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  • Kelly & Jay

    Kelly & JayNorcorss, Ga.   Waffle House Regulars Kelly and Jay love to spend time outdoors in their Waffle House Realtree camo gear!And before they head out for a day in nature, they always fuel up… Meet this Regular!
  • Newnan JROTC

    Marine Corps JROTCNewnan, Ga.   Waffle House generously agreed to allow our cadets to have a carwash at the Newnan, Georgia restaurant and even offered free waffles to all customers who gave a… Meet this Regular!
  • Gaffney Family

    The Gaffney FamilyCovington, La.My huband and I both love to travel, and we started stopping at Waffle House restaurants on our many road trips.We recently joined our extended family at a Waffle… Meet this Regular!
  • White Family

    The White FamilyNicholasville, Ky.   The highlight of my week is spending time with my grandson Jax, and there's nothing he loves more than going to our Waffle House.  He always wants the Chocolate… Meet this Regular!
  • Atlanta-Area Soccer Team

    Soccer TeamAtlanta, Ga. This U-19 soccer team from the metro Atlanta area ran the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge on Thursday, September 8th, at Turner Field in Atlanta, Ga. with Team Waffle… Meet this Regular!
  • Saul (Atlanta, Ga.)

    SaulAtlanta, Ga. Saul is originally from Russia, but he can't get enough of his favorite American restaurant-the Waffle House! He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Rachel, and the pair love to hit the… Meet this Regular!
  • Jan (Czech Republic)

    JanCzech Republic "During my first trip to the U.S. in 2010, my friends, Katie and Brandon, took us to the Waffle House restaurant in Blue Ridge.I recognized it from the movie Due Date, and I fell in… Meet this Regular!
  • Art (Atlanta, Ga.)

    ArtAtlanta, Ga. WAFFLE HOUSE Regular Art was lost, but he downloaded the all-new WAFFLE HOUSE locator iPhone app and found the WAFFLE HOUSE at Tech Square just in time to enjoy a Sausage Biscuit… Meet this Regular!
  • Dave (Phoenix, Az.)

      DavePhoenix, Az.I'm a huge fan of the Blueberry Waffle! One night, my friends and I stopped by to get a late-night Waffle, and our server told us to be on our best behavior, because the restaurant… Meet this Regular!
  • Kristin (New Smyrna Beach, Fl.)

    KristinNew Smyrna Beach, Fl.This was Kristin's very first trip to a WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant, and she loved every minute of it! Her family took a road trip to Atlanta to attend her big brother Jake's… Meet this Regular!
  • Dr. Mike (Atlanta, Ga.)

        "Dr. Mike"Atlanta, Ga.Two things make Dr. Mike very happy-turkey season and WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants! In fact, his perfect day would include hunting with friends and then enjoying a T-Bone Dinner… Meet this Regular!
  • MaryAnn (Mesquite, Tx.)

    MaryAnnMesquite, Tx.Waffle House has been my home away from home in Mesquite TX for almost 40 years now and I am a WAFFLE HOUSE Regular!  In 2009, after I married my husband in a church ceremony, we… Meet this Regular!
  • William (Lake Mary, Fl.)

    WilliamLake Mary, Fl.I have been coming to Waffle House ever since I was a baby. Now that I'm much older, I can appreciate how lucky I am to live near a WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant!  Nothing says "Good… Meet this Regular!
  • The Walter Family (Albertville, Al.)

    The Walter FamilyAlbertville, Al.Our family has a WAFFLE HOUSE tradition!  Every year, we spend at least one holiday at a WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant. The tradition started in 2005 when my husband and I… Meet this Regular!
  • Mikayla & Family (Loganville, Ga.)

    Mikayla & FamilyLoganville, Ga.We love WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants! Our family of five goes out to eat as a family about once a week and when we vote on where to go, WAFFLE HOUSE always wins! Mikayla is… Meet this Regular!
  • Flanakin Family (Buda, Tx.)

      The Flanakin FamilyBuda, Tx.In celebration of my 40th birthday, my wife secretly had a limo pick my family and me up and take us to a Texas Rangers game. After the game, we had more time in the… Meet this Regular!
  • Griffin Family (Europe)

    The Griffin FamilyEurope"I recently travelled from the UK to Georgia to marry my girlfriend who lives in America. When my family and friends arrived for the big day, we started their trip with a good… Meet this Regular!
  • Howard (McDonough, Ga.)

    HowardMcDonough, Ga."I first started going to Waffle House with my friends late night in high school, but now I meet my family there on Sunday mornings after church. It’s become a great family… Meet this Regular!
  • Smith Family (Merritt Island, Fl.)

    The Smith FamilyMeritt Island, Fl."Our family loves to eat at WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants. My daughter always wants to go on Saturday mornings, and she doesn't have to ask me twice!This past Saturday we… Meet this Regular!
  • Bryan (North Port, FL)

    Bryan (North Port, FL) "I fell in love with WAFFLE HOUSE during many trips to and from Florida when I lived in Illinois. I loved the great music that was always playing on the jukebox. And I remember… Meet this Regular!
  • Gonzalez Family (Little Rock, AR)

    Gonzalez Family (Little Rock, AR)   "When I was a child, I lived in Mexico, and my dad took us to a WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant every time we visited the states. It was such a great experience, and we… Meet this Regular!
  • Jason (Loganville, GA)

    Jason (Loganville, GA) "My WAFFLE HOUSE story started when I moved away from home and started visiting the local WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant. I found a group of friends who also loved to eat at WAFFLE… Meet this Regular!
  • Gooden Family (Albany, GA)

    Gooden Family (Albany, GA)"My whole family loves eating at WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants--my boys especially! My youngest son and I spend all day on Mondays together, and he always insists that we eat at… Meet this Regular!
  • James (Chelmsford, MA)

    James (Chelmsford, MA)"Whenever we go south of the Mason-Dixon line, we look forward to eating breakfast in Waffle House. Everyone I have talked to about Waffle House loves it and wishes that there… Meet this Regular!
  • Jerry & Josephine (Greenville, SC)

    Jerry and Josephine (Greenville, SC)Jerry and Josephine have been WAFFLE HOUSE Regulars since one opened up around the corner from them six months ago. It has become their "go to" place whenever they… Meet this Regular!
  • The Jordanaires (Montgomery, AL)

    The Jordanaires (Montgomery, AL)"As the lead singer for the Jordanaires Quartet, (Elvis' Backup Singers), I remember playing a show in Montgomery, AL on August 1st, 2009. When we started home the… Meet this Regular!
  • Gina & Paul (Summerville, SC)

    Gina & Paul (Summerville, SC) "Paul and I started dating on New Year’s Eve 2009 and from that point on ‘our’ place has been the WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant in Summerville, SC. ‘Our’ booth is the… Meet this Regular!
  • "Tootie" & Family (Dublin, Va.)

    "Tootie" & Family (Dublin, Va.)"I was taking my youngest son Isaiah (aka 'Tootie') to day care one morning, but was wanting him to spend the day with me instead. I asked him if he wanted to hang out… Meet this Regular!
  • Ansley (Athens, Ga.)

    Ansley (Athens, Ga.)WAFFLE HOUSE Regular and Snow White enthusiast Ansley loves her daddy/daughter mornings out to WAFFLE HOUSE every Saturday. And what's on the menu for Miss Ansley? She LOVES their… Meet this Regular!
  • Rick (Ohio)

    Rick (Ohio)WAFFLE HOUSE Regulars Rick and his wife Dorothy love to eat at WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants! In fact, they love it so much, each time they visit a WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant, they text a picture… Meet this Regular!
  • Graham (Clermont, Ga.)

    Graham (Clermont, Ga.)Graham, age 2, of Clermont Ga. loves eating at WAFFLE HOUSE restaurants. As soon as he spots the famous yellow sign, (no matter what town he's in) he starts asking for a waffle!… Meet this Regular!
  • Lauren (Athens, Ga.)

    Lauren (Athens, Ga.)As a freshman at the University of Georgia, Lauren loves to eat at Waffle House, because it's affordable, delicious and always open!It's a great pick-me-up when she's studying… Meet this Regular!
  • Amanda (New York, NY)

    Amanda (New York, NY)Though she is currently living in New York for graduate school, Amanda was raised on WAFFLE HOUSE food in Alabama. When she thinks of home, she always thinks of WAFFLE HOUSE… Meet this Regular!
  • Mason and Grandfather (Atlanta, Ga.)

    Mason & Grandfather (Atlanta, Ga.)Mason and his grandfather love spending their Sunday mornings at Waffle House. It is a tradition they have where they get to spend one-on-one time over their… Meet this Regular!
  • Cierra (Atlanta, Ga.)

    Miss Georgia State University Cierra (Atlanta, Ga.) Miss Georgia State University Cierra is a WAFFLE HOUSE princess and Regular! A Marketing and Managerial Science major at GSU, Cierra was crowned… Meet this Regular!
  • David (Atlanta, Ga.)

    David (Atlanta, Ga.) David from Atlanta, Ga. loves to work out and stay active, so when he needs to refuel, Waffle House is his favorite place to go! "I love the food, in particular the Grilled… Meet this Regular!
  • Caroline (Roswell, Ga.)

    Caroline (Roswell, Ga.) Every time Miss Caroline gets in the car, she asks to go to WAFFLE HOUSE! She loves everything on the menu, but her favorite thing is a Kid's Grilled Cheese and Chocolate… Meet this Regular!
  • Kate (Roswell, Ga.)

    Kate (Roswell, Ga.) Kate may not be old enough to drive to her favorite WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant yet, but she makes sure her mom or dad or grandparents take her to her favorite restaurant at least… Meet this Regular!
  • Michael and Associate Pam (Orlando, Fl.)

    Michael and Associate Pam (Orlando, Fl.) Even though Michael and his family were just vacationing in Orlando, they felt right at home with their favorite WAFFLE HOUSE Associate, Pam. Michael's father… Meet this Regular!
  • Matt, Sarah and Emmie (Atlanta, Ga.)

    Matt, Sarah & Emmie (Atlanta, Ga.) WAFFLE HOUSE Regular and Georgia Tech Alumnus Matt says: "We love coming to Waffle House as a family! Emmie loves the waffles, and Sarah and I love everything on… Meet this Regular!
  • Denny and his Mother (Monroe, GA)

    Denny and his Mother (Monroe, GA) My mother and I love going to eat at the Waffle House! You just can't beat the service and quality of food. In fact, since Waffle House took lemonade off the menu,… Meet this Regular!
  • Erica and Aleesha (Norcross, GA)

    Erica and Aleesha (Norcross, GA) Erica and her daughter Aleesha are truly "WAFFLE HOUSE princesses." They love to share Sunday breakfast at their favorite WAFFLE HOUSE restaurant. Aleesha's weekend… Meet this Regular!
  • Helen and Randy (Honolulu, HI)

    Helen and Randy (Honolulu, HI) "Whenever we travel down South, we always make sure to stop at every Waffle House we can. No joke! Waffles are serious business. As we belly up to the counter, there's… Meet this Regular!
  • Jeanne, Susan and Chrysti (Cordova, TN)

    Jeanne, Susan and Chrysti (Cordova, TN) "We love to have breakfast at the Waffle House in Germantown, TN. Unit Manager Johnny and Associate Susan are always glad to see us, and Susan has our drink… Meet this Regular!
  • Anne and Family (Chicago, IL)

    Anne & Family (Chicago, IL) "Our extended family likes to have brunch for holiday meals, but then we always find ourselves hungry for "a little something" by the evening. That's when we love to visit… Meet this Regular!
  • Amanda and Jake (Walton, KY)

    Amanda and Jake (Walton, KY) "I am so proud to be a Waffle House associate, loyal customer and fan! I love working for Waffle House restaurants! The regular customers really make my day brighter and… Meet this Regular!
  • "Mr. Roy" and Leanner (Vinings, GA)

    "Mr. Roy" and Leanner (Vinings, GA) "Mr. Roy" has been coming to Waffle House since 1964. This past March, he celebrated his 101st birthday! He and his wife, Leanner started going to Waffle House in… Meet this Regular!
  • Gene and Jo (Powder Springs, GA)

    Gene and Jo (Powder Springs, GA) Gene and Jo have been Waffle House Regulars since 1969. “We come here for the entertainment, the convenience, fast service & great food.” Jo and Gene always order a… Meet this Regular!
  • Herron Family (Fort Wayne, IN)

    Herron Family (Fort Wayne, IN) "Our Waffle House story began 13 years ago. My wife and I were celebrating our first Christmas together as a newly married couple. I was working overnights and she… Meet this Regular!
  • Mike (Alpharetta, GA)

    Mike (Alpharetta, Georgia) "Waffle House Unit 1200 is the first Waffle House I ever experienced back in 2001 when I relocated to the greater Atlanta area. To this day it is my favorite Waffle House,… Meet this Regular!
  • Dave (Blacksburg, VA)

    Dave (Blacksburg, Virginia) Medical student and officer in the US Army Reserve Dave (pictured with his grandfather) has been a Waffle House Regular for ten years! He says, "Waffle House is more than… Meet this Regular!
  • Chase (Moore, Oklahoma)

    Chase (Moore, OK) Chase loves Waffle House! Since he was five years old, Chase's favorite breakfast joint has been Waffle House. This picture was taken after his championship football game that… Meet this Regular!
  • Norene (Mableton, GA)

    Norene and Family (Mableton, GA) Norene's daughter is a proud member of the U.S. Army. She recently came home on a two-week leave, and the first place they went after leaving the airport… Meet this Regular!
  • Manuel (Como, Italy)

    Manuel (Como, Italy) When I go on an American vacation, I look for three things: the highway, the sunset and the Waffle House! Though I am from Italy, I have taken 19 U.S. vacations and visited 42… Meet this Regular!
  • Jake (Lawrenceville, GA)

    Jake (Lawrenceville, GA) "Waffle House has always been a part of my story. Growing up in the small town of Tifton, Georgia it was one of the few restaurants that was open after 9 pm. I have so many… Meet this Regular!
  • James & Family (Macon, GA)

    James from Macon, Ga. loves to take his family to eat at Waffle House on Sunday mornings. He says, "My kids have grown up eating Sunday morning breakfast at Waffle House. Hashbrowns scattered all the… Meet this Regular!
  • Gayle Barron (Atlanta, GA)

    Five-time winner of the Peachtree Road Race, fitness guru and official Waffle House spokesperson Gayle Barron is a Waffle House fanatic! "Waffle House has a variety of items on the menu targeted to… Meet this Regular!
  • Josh and Cayla (Bowling Green, KY)

    Waffle House Regulars Josh and Cayla write: "We love Waffle House! We live right beside other breakfast restaurants, but we always drive the extra ten minutes to get the best breakfast in town at the… Meet this Regular!
  • Charlie (Atlanta, GA)

    As Charlie enters through the door at Waffle House, you can see his excitement. He is so happy to see his friends at Unit 1508 in Atlanta, GA especially April. Charlie and his family have been dining… Meet this Regular!
  • Kibler Family (Douglasville, GA)

    The Kibler family loves the service they receive every time they visit Waffle House and that's what keeps them coming back. "Waffle House has hot food, quick service and the staff is always… Meet this Regular!
  • Randy (Atlanta, Georgia)

    “I love the atmosphere and the associates. A Waffle House breakfast just gets everything going right in the morning.” Regular Randy loves Waffle House Cheese Omelets so much, he has eaten six per… Meet this Regular!
  • Pearl (Bishopville, SC

    Pearl has been a Waffle House Regular in Bishopville, South Carolina since 1981. Although Pearl has achieved local fame with his topiary garden, feature film about his life and philanthropic work in… Meet this Regular!
  • Rudean & Gershon (Cumming, GA)

    The only thing these two love more than each other is the Waffle House! Rudean and Gershon have been Waffle House Regulars for sixteen years of their sixty-two year marriage. Every day, the happy… Meet this Regular!